zeh. 18. brazilian. pokemon trainer. ________hit todd for links

my name is José Alfredo, but everyone calls me Zeh. I’m a 16 years old boy from Brazil. I lived in a city 1hour away from São Paulo called São José dos Campos but I spend all my weekends in Quirirm, a really small city where all my families, some friendlives.

my favorite bands are Arctic Monkeys(international) and Rancore(brazilian) but I also listen to other bands, so check my Lastfm http://www.lastfm.com.br/user/zehpistilli I also play bass in a band called Clusia. We are a Brazilian band that play songs in english, and you can check out here.

i love play pokemon, I finished all the games, from game boy Color to nintendo DS, so if you play and want to talk about, please, go to my ask box (I don’t have a lot of friends that play pokemon*sad face*).

i used to be mynameisnotzeh, hax0rus, sn0rlax- poryg0n and b-l-a-s-t-o-i-s-e

my english is not good because is not my first language.

i don’t own the pictures i post unless i stated, okay? if you want credit, please, message me (: